The Kutir's Music

Many music files are embedded in the pages of the Kutir, but there are many more besides and in addition, I regularly change the music that serenades the visitors to these pages.  I have linked all the music on the site to this page with the proper identification.  Each file is in both mp3 format and ogg format.  I prefer ogg format because it is  opensource and free while mp3 is proprietary.  Listen to which ever you prefer, but do consider adopting the ogg format whenever you can.  Here is a connection to the ogg-vorbis home page.

Beautiful Vrndavana

This is Radhapada's lovely version of Ramya-vrndavana by Narottama dasa from his CD Lamplight of Love.  Get your copy from Nitai's Bookstore.

Friend or Foe

An enchanting piece of guitar work by one of Australia's finest guitarists, Brett Garsed.


This is a beautiful composition by Jason Becker.  I am convinced that Radha and Krishna and the gopis were present in the singers when it was recorded.  Listen to it and see what you think.  Jason Becker succumbed to Lou Gehrig's disease shortly after this song was created.  He lives, but he is unable to make music anymore.


Another Jason Becker piece was recorded as he was stuggling with and gradually sinking into his disease.  One senses that it records what he must have been feeling at the time, the alternation of hope and the despair, the same hope and despair we all must face as we see our bodies gradually disintegrate before us.

Hedgehog's Song

This is by the Incredible String Band who were popular back in the 1960s and early 1970s.  They are the band that first brought Krsna into my consciousness with the classic song You Get Brighter Every Day.  The Hedgehog Song was on an earlier album, their second, and captures the challenge of Kirtana.  Listen to it and see what you think.