Daily sadhana or practice can take a variety of forms.  The fundamental basis of practice is remembering Krsna always and never forgetting him.  This what someone who loves him does.  By the principle of "what the perfected do the practitioner practices," a practitioner adopts a number of methods to help him or her remember Krsna.  Japa, soft repetition generally counted on beads, of Krsna's names and mantras is one form of practice.  Kirtana, loud recital or singing, of Krsna's names, qualities, forms, and sports is another form.  Smarana, remembering or meditating on, Krsna's names, qualities, forms, and sports is another form of sadhana. A Caitanya Vaisnava practitioner usually does a combination of all of these.
    Here, I will assume that those interested in sadhana have already worked out their japa and kirtana practices. (If you have not contact me)  Instead I will focus on smarana.  Here is a nice little sadhana taken from the more detailed practice of remembering the sports of Radha and Krsna through the eight periods of the day.  It requires memorizing 12 verses and having a watch or access to a timepiece.  Here is my translation of Krsnadasa Kaviraja's 12 verses on smarana.  At the beginning of each of the eight periods (the times are given in the translation), recite the verse summarizing the sport of that period and read the translation.  For the first period there are three verses (the mangala, the general summary and the summary of the sports for Night's End) to recite and for the last there are two (verses 11 and 12).  In this way one will be reminded throughout the day of what Radha and Krsna are upto in their parallel universe called Goloka.  Try it for a week or a month or a year and see how it affects your life and the way you look at the world.  Write me and tell me what you experienced.

Long Term

(Coming soon: Sanatana's combination of nama-kirtana and smarana)