Sri Kanupriya Goswami

Kanupriya Goswami

Sri Kanupriya Goswami was one of the truly great Vaisnava writers of the 20th Century.  His numerous books in Bengali have inspired Vaisnavas to focus on the central Caitanya Vaisnava practice of repeating the names of Krsna and Radha and have taught both the fundamental and advanced principles of Caitanyite philosophy.  The works represented below are attempts to make his writings available in English.  Some poor translations of some of his seminal works are already available in English, but to truly understand his thought better translations are needed.  That is the purpose of this translation project: to produce readable and reliable translations of the whole corpus of Goswami's works.  As the work is completed it will be linked to this page.

1.  Mahat-sanga Prasanga (On Association with the Great Ones) (updated 2-24-2007)

Announcing a new project:  A Complete Course in Caitanya Vaisnavism

This will be a massive work based on three of the works of Sri Kanupriya Goswami.  He has referred to his: Bhaki-rahasya-kanika and  Raga-bhakti-rahasya-dipika as introductions to his masterpiece Nama-cintamani.  Therefore, we will present all three together as A Complete Course in Caitanya Vaisnavism.  Watch for it here.  It will be posted as sections are completed.