Welcome to Bhajan Kutir Two.
I hope your visit pleases you.
In case you missed the fun
of reading Number One,
check out the archival section
included for your tardy inspection.
But much of what I offered then
is present on this site again,
more polished and more refined.
My vision has grown more defined.
Nitai Das am I, an irascible fellow.
But over the years I've turned more mellow.
Time, it seems, weakens the will to glower.
Now I wish to hunt truth's flower.
A warning should be issued here.
The truth is often unpleasant to hear.
For those who think they already know,
the search for truth is only a show.
One must be willing to accept one's finds.
The truth sets one free, but it also binds.
If you think you're Vaisnava, be forewarned;
I don't see things the way you have learned.
Vaisnava views I will present with good faith
but question them deeply wherever I mayeth.
Now if you're itching for a fight,
go scratch it at some other site.
The world's too full of faith's dumb defenders.
Most are loud-mouthed, mendacious pretenders.
All they've done is demonize reason,
vilify science, and
promote malfeasance.
If you're sincere, put down your knives.
What use is fighting? Let's hang on to our lives.
There's another approach to put to the test.
Humility and tolerance may work best.
If we give them a try, perhaps we will find
our hearts become more loving and kind.
Keeping these caveats and warnings in view,
this site explores what might be true

in the Sri Caitanya's religious world view.