(Song of the Lord)

My Bilingual Translation,
 with notes from Sankaracarya,
of the
(updated 2-24-07)
Why Sankara?  Because he is the big daddy
of religious thought in India and especially of
interpretation of the Gita.  All later commentators
entered into dialogue with Sri Sankara in some way.  Besides,
he has gotten much bad press lately in some circles
(mostly in those circles that have never read him). 
Contrary to modern and not so modern misconceptions, he was
a Vaisnava, not a Saiva or a "mayavadi"
(he hardly ever used the word maya
and all works clearly by him begin
with invocations of Visnu),
and probably the ultimate source
of the form of bhakti that most strongly influenced
the Caitanya movement through Sridhara Swami, Visnu Puri,
Madhavendra Puri, and Isvara Puri (all Puris
are Sankarite sannyasis, not Madhva sannyasis).  Keep an eye out for my
essay on the subject.  I will eventually add the full commentaries of Sankara,
Sridhara, Madhusudana Sarasvati, Visvanatha, and Baladeva.  When, you say?
Ah, 'tis a good question, matey!